Old-timer cars 2CV-Duck... DS-Fantomas... HY-Elephant...

...what a RIDE!!!

Take a ride in historic Citroën cars or use them as a stylish decoration for your event.

When riding in car a becomes a real experience.   Old-timer cars for you to take a ride with our driver, to shoot photos or videos. Restored (in varying degrees) and adequately maintained cars, icons of many movies, can now hit the road with you.

   Two Citroën DSs from 1968, five "ducks" Citroën 2CVs from 1974 to 1985, and last but not least one Citroën HY van from 1968.

All the cars have a valid insurance.

   They are perfect for driving between Moravian vineyards, for weddings and other events that you would like to call an EXPERIENCE.

   You can take the cars on the road or drive through the city; when it's not just about speed but about the pleasure from driving.

We take care of the cars, you simply enjoy.

Gift voucher for retreat? We have!

     We plan together when and where we will ride. We will specify the details of each re-trip for gift vouchers well in advance of the planned ride.

Price list of the EXPERIENCE in Citroën cars

It is necessary to have a valid driving licence category B/ the prices are without fuel - the vehicle is handed over and picked up with full tank.  

Citroën DS / only with driver / 2 hours rental

driver's service included in the price

5.000,- CZK

Citroën CV 2 "Duck" / only with driver / rent for 2 hours  

driver's service included in the price

3.000,- CZK

Citroën HY / only with driver / rent for 2 hours 

driver's service included in the price

5.000,- CZK

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