You can fly in a fish!


Boarding the fish...
Boarding the fish...

Flight with the fish

Flying in a unique hot air balloon. We can fly over towns and countryside according to your wishes.

We provide tethered flights at the venue for your event.

We organize expeditions to balloon events (fiestas) all over the world.

Flight with a regular balloon:

- we also provide flights with regular balloons

- for 2 to 6 passengers

Explaining the process of the flight: 

A professional pilot will take you up to 1500 m ensuring a smooth take off, flight and landing. Taking photos and videos is allowed.

The flight takes about an hour. It is followed by a toast, refreshments and a ceremony to obtain a status of "the balloon nobility". Passengers will be transferred to the starting point after the landing.


Price of this experience  

Private flights (price for the whole flight)

- for 2 persons 

- for 4 persons 

- the Fish (up to 4 persons - max.220 kg) 

You will specify the starting point, date and crew.





Regular flights (price for a single ticket)

Up to 9 passengers, the date and place of departure will be determined by the pilot.

4.300,- CZK

Tethered flight

You will specify the place and date, the price is for 1 hour.


Tethered flight 

two, three, or more hours (price per each hour started)

á 8.000,- CZK

You can have it!
You can have it!

 A gift coupon for a balloon flight?

Of course. When and where will we fly? The details for gift coupons for flights are arranged individually.

Do you need the gift coupon really fast? We have a solution for you, although it might not be as elegant as the original coupon which you get from us after paying the flight and arranging the details of it. Print this one for the time being and give it as a fast gift! At the same time, please, contact us to how and where we should deliver the original "golden coupon". The printed copy does not serve as a ticket, but it can help you make someone happy.  

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